Things I’m Diggin’ Lately

things I'm diggin 4

1. For all my single ladies (and fellas), here are some great ideas on cooking for one. (

2. Oh how the times have changed…and then come right back full circle – check out the fashion from Saved by the Bell that we’re wearing again today. (

3. Top SUP locations in the world.  Psst…that’s Stand Up Paddleboarding for all of you newbies. (

4. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, my favorite food is a SANDWICH. I feel no shame in this, but for those of you that get bored by these simple magical meals, here’s some tips for keeping it interesting between the bread. (

5. A list of the most dangerous places in the world you have to visit? Challenge accepted. (

6. Ever feel like your brain is working overtime? Check out these foods to help fuel the most important part of your body. (

Q of the Week: Water and Weight Loss

Question of the Week:  I’m trying to lose weight, but I’ve heard mixed reviews about drinking water with meals. Does water intake while eating help or hurt your weight loss goals?

Baked Zucchini Chips

Zucchini 6I’m one of those people that is constantly confusing zucchini for cucumbers. I am very aware that a) I just completed my masters in nutrition, and b) cucumbers are about 3 x larger than a zucchini, but for some reason, this is still a problem for me.  I usually buy a couple cucumbers each week for my green smoothies, so let’s just say I have a few zucchinis on hand today that need a purpose.  Thankfully this zucchini chip recipe is here to save the day.


zucchini 7

I decided to start with the Parmesan version, but then I got a little brave and threw on some chipotle chili pepper for the second batch.  These little suckers are addictive, so bake them with caution.



CHICago: Ladies Weekend

Chicago Header
A couple of weeks ago I met up with some of my favorite ladies in one of my favorite cities, Chicago, so that we could celebrate a bachelorette. Even though I’ve been to the windy city a handful of times before, our days were packed with activities, which made this particular trip extra exciting.

Here’s a peek at our weekend.

Chicago Bachelorette{some of my favorite party favors – cupcakes and personalized koozies}

Chicago 2

{a throwback window display on Michigan Ave.}

Chicago Cubs 3

{a quick wrigley field pyramid before the game was rained out}


{an adorable park/cafe near our hotel}

Chicago Beach Collage

{an afternoon at the “beach”}

Chicago Brunch Collage{a brunch spot with out of this world pancakes and a table cloth made for doodling}

Chicago 3

{architectural boat tour before we headed home}


S’mores Brownie Bites

Smores Header

Happy Fun Food Friday! Now that it’s September, I’m starting to feel the leaves crunching under my feet, the breeze on my face, and the….oh who am I kidding? I live in Texas. I’m lucky if I even feel that in December.  Since it’s still too hot here to go camping, I’m bring the best part of camping, S’MORES (duh) to the kitchen.  I used this recipe to create a tiny taste of my go-to camp fire snack.

These little treats are fun and easy to make, and they beat exploding a marshmallow in the microwave by a landslide.

Smores 5

{step one: melt butter and stir in half of the chocolate chips}

Smores 7

{next, add in sugar, eggs, vanilla, and flour}

smores picstitch-2{then, put a spoonful into each mini muffin cup and “s’mush” a couple marshmallows on top}

Smores 8

{graham cracker demolition}

Smores 11

{finally, sprinkle the tops with your graham cracker crumbs}

Smores 12

{look ma! no potholders; #livingontheedge}

smores picstitch-1{these are legitimately bites, maybe even bite}

Finally it’s time to eat these tiny suckers and sing kumbaya. Oh wait, ninja warrior is on? I’ll just watch that instead…


Things I’m Diggin’ Lately

Things I'm Diggin 3

1. These “reasons to run” really hit home and inspire me to lace up. (

2. Drink this smoothie and look hot naked? It may not be quite that simple, but I can’t wait to give it a try. (

3. Provocative quotes from one of my favorite designers, Tom Ford. (

4. One of my goals for my St. Lucia trip this week, conquer this braid.  (

5. Healthy twists on fun foods, you know I’m all about that. (

6. I’ve recently made the switch from body lotion, to body oil and wowza, I couldn’t be more addicted to this stuff.  Not only does it keep my skin hydrated and smell delicious, it also helps improve skin firmness. (


Q of the Week: Breakfast on the Go

Question of the Week:  I never have enough time in the morning to make breakfast. What are some options that are quick and easy, yet still delicious and balanced?

Bacon Lime Sweet Potato Salad

Welcome to fall

I love this “potato salad” for what it has: sweet potatoes, fresh dill, and ground cinnamon; and for what it doesn’t have: I’m looking at you, mayonnaise.

Sweet potato Salad 8This is more of glorified roasted sweet potatoes, and it’s the perfect way to sample out one my favorite fall veggies at the launch of the season.  I followed this recipe here and made little tweaks, like seasoning the bacon with chipotle chile before cooking, and adding a few more herbs.






Happy Labor Day

Patriotic Pup

The patriotic pup and I are taking a day off to relax.  I hope everyone has a magical, entertaining, and relaxing Labor Day.

I’ll be back first thing Tuesday morning.

Skinny Chocolate Chunk Muffins

Choc Muffins 3

I’m heading to the beach in T minus 5 days, so this week’s Fun Food Friday is taking a detour through bikini-ville.  I dug this recipe out of one of my favorite Pinterest boards, and after a few minor adjustments, I created these magical little low-fat muffins that will (hopefully) do the dirty work for my sugar cravings this week.

In grad school I remember learning that muffin mixtures needed to be stirred until “just combined,” and not overly blended, so instead of using a mixer for all of the ingredients, I put the oats in the food processor alone and then combined them with everything else.  I also added a little extra vanilla and a tsp of almond extract.  Plus, I sprinkled a little sea salt on the top of each muffin before baking them.

Choc Muffins 2

These little guys are less than 100 kcals each and they are packed with foods I usually put in my body anyways (e.g. oats, Greek yogurt).  Enjoy!