Things I’m Diggin’ Lately 2014/10/15

Things I'm Diggin 9

1. For those of you who dare to try out the vegetarian lifestyle for 30 days (or just want some simple meatless meals), here are some awesome 5 ingredient recipes for dinners to try. ( 2.  I’ve been a bridesmaid quite a few times in my day, but I’ve never come close to the awkwardness in […]

Things I’m Diggin’ Lately 2014/10/08

Things I'm diggin 8

1. I have never seen an egg cooked quite like this…but I am super pumped to give it a try! ( 2. Ew! You haven’t seen Jimmy Fallon and Will.I.Am in this music video yet?  OMG! ( 3. This chocolate tart has a Kettle Chip crust…need I say more? ( 4. Been wondering about what life […]

Things I’m Diggin’ Lately 2014/10/01

Things I'm diggin 7

1.  In case you’re interested, here’s a great list of superfoods that are in season for fall (aka NOW!) ( 2.  If you’ve got the same bedroom decorating addiction that I do, you will love sneaking a peak at some of the best it-girl bedrooms. ( 3.  Even if you’re not a fan of traditional […]

Things I’m Diggin’ Lately

things i'm diggin 6

1.  For anyone wanting to train for a 5K, 10K, half marathon or dare I say it, marathon….MY ASICS will create a personalized training plan for you. ( 2.  If you’re anything like me, you can’t get enough of American Ninja Warrior.  Check out this workout from one of my favs, the  super tiny, yet […]

Things I’m Diggin’ Lately

Things I'm Diggin Lately 5

1. If you need a laugh, you must (re)watch these scenes from Friends where Joey tries to learn French. ( 2. You know I love a challenge…2 weeks to a 5 minute plank.  Yes please! ( 3. I’ve been known to kill a houseplant or two (or three) in my day, but these super cute […]

Things I’m Diggin’ Lately

things I'm diggin 4

1. For all my single ladies (and fellas), here are some great ideas on cooking for one. ( 2. Oh how the times have changed…and then come right back full circle – check out the fashion from Saved by the Bell that we’re wearing again today. ( 3. Top SUP locations in the world.  Psst…that’s […]

Things I’m Diggin’ Lately

Things I'm Diggin 3

1. These “reasons to run” really hit home and inspire me to lace up. ( 2. Drink this smoothie and look hot naked? It may not be quite that simple, but I can’t wait to give it a try. ( 3. Provocative quotes from one of my favorite designers, Tom Ford. ( 4. One of […]

Things I’m Diggin’ Lately

Things I'm Diggin 2 Labeled

1.. My newest addition to “places I want to go” is largely impressive. ( 2. The free app, duolingo, allows you to learn a language via reading, writing, and repeating.  Aprendo espanol! ( 3.. This beach sheet is a must have for my upcoming beach vaca! ( 4. These boho yoga mats put the OM in […]

Things I’m Diggin’ Lately

Things I'm Diggin Labeled

1. I don’t have a Fitbit, but suddenly I’m very interested…all thanks to this super chic Tory Burch bracelet / Fitbit holder. 2. One of my all time favorite boutiques, LF, is having their bi-annual sale. It doesn’t hurt that this shop is right outside my front door.  Not in Dallas? Don’t worry, there’s also […]