Q of the Week: The New Year Has Come and Gone, Still Motivated to Get Healthy?

Tips to Stay Motivated

Q: Like a lot of people, I’m trying to get healthier for the new year. I’ve started working out regularly and cooking more, but after a busy couple of weeks I’m already struggling to stay on track. What are some of your tips for staying motivated to follow a healthy lifestyle? (Rachel, Charleston) Have a question […]

Q of the Week: Let’s Talk Superfoods


Q: I always hear people refer to certain foods as superfoods.  What does that really mean? (Carole, CO)             Have a question for Q of the Week?  Email me or leave a comment!

Q of the Week: Foods to Fuel

Foods to Fuel

Heads up y’all – my laptop is on the fritz this week, so this is my “duct tape” version of Q of the Week. Question of the Week:  Do you have any suggestions on what to eat before and after a workout? Do you have a Q of the Week you want answered? Email me at […]

Q of the Week: Tips For Making Recipes Healthier

Tips to Make Recipes Healthier

Question of the Week:  I’m new to cooking and I know that there any many substitutes I can use to make meals healthier, but I’m nervous about straying too far off of the recipe.  What are some go-to, easy changes you make when you’re cooking to make foods healthier? If you have a question for […]

Q of the Week: Boozing on a Calorie Budget

Tips for Boozing on a Calorie Budget

Question of the Week:  What is the best way to drink alcohol when you’re watching your calories? Is it true that I should stay away from beer?

Q of the Week: Tips to Get Rid of a Squishy Belly

Tips to Get Rid of a Squishy Belly

Question of the Week:  Do you have any tips to get rid of a squishy belly?

Q of the Week: Water and Weight Loss

Water and Weight Loss

Question of the Week:  I’m trying to lose weight, but I’ve heard mixed reviews about drinking water with meals. Does water intake while eating help or hurt your weight loss goals?

Q of the Week: Breakfast on the Go

Breakfast on the Go

Question of the Week:  I never have enough time in the morning to make breakfast. What are some options that are quick and easy, yet still delicious and balanced?

Q of the Week: Grocery Shopping 101

Grocery Shopping 101

Question of the Week: What are some basic and key things I should try to get at the grocery store when I’m starved for time and don’t really have an idea of what to buy?

Q of the Week: Stress Relieving Foods

Stress Releiving Foods

Question of the Week:  Lately a lot of things have been stressing me out that unfortunately I can’t control. I’m wondering if there are certain foods that can trigger stress or if there are foods that can calm you down and help you manage stress.