Make Your Own: Burrito Bowl

Burrito Bowl 5

Three words: Chipotle. Burrito. Bowl. Hubba hubba, what is it about that magical little bowl?  It just rocks my world every, single, time. But tonight, I am a grown a$$ woman, and I’m making my own burrito bowl.  Plus, I’m making enough to serve TWO people with leftovers, for less money than the normal cost for […]

Chicken Verde Enchiladas

Chicken Verde Enchiladas 7

I used to think I was quite the pro when it came to making enchiladas.  That was until the day my boy made me his enchiladas.  His version kicked my little recipe’s butt… And let me tell you, there aren’t many things hotter than a guy who knows how to dominate in the kitchen.  Am I […]

Grilled Cheese Like A Boss

grilled cheese 2

Remember when you were a kid and a grilled cheese consisted of one Kraft single sandwiched between two pieces of Iron Kids Bread?  Me too.  But let’s face it, we’re not kids anymore, and that wimpy version of grilled cheese just isn’t going to cut it anymore.  It’s time for the real deal here folks. […]

Spaghetti Squash and Meatballs

spaghetti squash 3

After a week of traveling to Atlanta for work, and a weekend full of football games and tailgating, I can’t tell you how excited I was last night for my first home-cooked meal in 8 days.  Excited is actually an understatement, I was crazy pumped.  I needed vegetables big time. Here to save the day, […]

Baked Corn Dogs

corndog 4

Happy Fun Food Friday! So now that it’s October, there are some big things going on in Dallas. And by big, I mean “Everything is Bigger in Texas, Big”….drum roll please…. the Texas State Fair is in full swing y’all. There’s an auto show, a petting zoo, rides galore, but my favorite part? You may […]

Breakfast for Dinner Deep Bowl

deep bowl 11

Breakfast for dinner.  Mother may I?  One my favorite spots to eat in Dallas, Company Cafe, puts together a hodgepodge of magicalness to construct a dish that they refer to as the deep bowl.  I set out to create my own version.  Let me take you through my journey. Deep Bowl sweet potato hash ground […]

Spicy Black Bean Quinoa Burgers

burger 6

I’m not one to brag on my friends…(okay maybe just a little)…but I have a pretty legit posse.  A couple of months ago some of my girls made me a cookbook filled with a compilation of their favorite healthy recipes.   One of my fellow future dietitian friends contributed a not-so-spicy version of the recipe below.  […]