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This weekend I got a chance to catch up with some long time girlfriends. We somehow got on the topic of dream jobs now that we’ve all been working in the real world for about a decade, and I wasn’t surprised to hear that we all had visions of creative and passionate careers that gave us the freedom to travel and explore regularly. I couldn’t help but wonder when we had all slowed down on our search for the next big challenge and started being drawn to the feeling of comfort and familiarity in life.  While the security of what we know – jobs, relationships, a place to call home – are perks in becoming who we are, we can’t forget the importance of learning through exploration. It’s easy to fall into everyday habits and rituals, but maybe it’s time to invigorate that feeling of fear and take a step towards something new. We learn through fresh experiences, and even an uncomfortable tumble may lead to an unexpected way to stand back up!

Have a magical day!


  1. Sheryl burek says:

    amen to that!!

  2. Very well said!


  3. John In colorado says:

    Carly ,

    Often when we are travelling, we find that the side roads are the most enjoyable.

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