Things I’m Diggin’ Lately 2015/02/03

 20150203 Things I'm Diggin Lately

  1. When it comes to working out, a kick-butt playlist is a MUST HAVE. (
  2. 10 kitchen essentials, from a lady who knows her way around a kitchen. (
  3. Love these hacks to help your face absorb that fancy shmancy face cream. (
  4. Y’all know I can’t resist another edition of Jimmy Kimmel’s mean tweets….(
  5. Helpful tips for developing courage when you’re starting to feel a little errr wimpy. (
  6. It’s February, woohoo! What foods are in season this month? ( 


  1. There’s something so entertaining about the mean tweets. It’s just such a funny idea.

    :] // ▲ ▲

  2. Hehe, I did watch the mean tweets. It’s naughty what people say about celebrities though. :)

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