Three Smoothies I Can’t Wait to Get My Hands On

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So you prefer chewing your food over drinking it?

….yeah, I feel ya….

But these yummy and nutrition packed smoothies make me super pumped to put my blender to work and start sipping.  From berries to oats to hazelnuts, these drinks won’t disappoint in flavor AND they’ll give you enough energy to dominate your day like the magical rockstar you are!

one: espresso banana smoothie (
two: blueberry coconut smoothie (
three: creamy chocolate hazelnut shake (

Have a fabulous and refreshing weekend!



  1. So, I don’t like espresso or bananas, but that espresso banana smoothie just looks out of this world good!

  2. Hi Carly, I definitely go back and forth between craving smoothies and craving real food. I do love how you can throw so many good things into one creamy beverage with a smoothie. These ones you’ve chosen above sound excellent. I’ve Always wanted to try coffee or tea in a smoothie. espresso? yum!! Have a great week!!

  3. Just made the Creamy Chocolate Hazelnut Shake. Delicious!! I substituted cacao nibs for the cocoa powder and it tasted grEat. Gonna try the espresso one tomorrow.

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