Things I’m Diggin’ Lately 2015/01/09

20150109 Things I'm Diggin Lately

  1. I love love love this locals-only guide to my favorite Texas city, Austin! (
  2. Such a yummy (pssst…and healthy) dessert – Hazelnut Butter and Coffee Meringues. (
  3. For any of you who know someone who started a juice fast for the new year, this super funny Sh*t Juicers Say video is spot on. (
  4. Surely I’m not the only person completely amazed by the two guys who are attempting the hardest rock climb in the world! Here’s the update. (
  5. Super helpful breakdown of the newest drink at Starbucks, the Flat White, and other coffee favorites. (
  6. Thinking about getting into shape via workout videos in your living room? Check out these reviews first. (

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