Make Your Own: Burrito Bowl

Burrito Bowl Header
Three words: Chipotle. Burrito. Bowl.

Hubba hubba, what is it about that magical little bowl?  It just rocks my world every, single, time. But tonight, I am a grown a$$ woman, and I’m making my own burrito bowl.  Plus, I’m making enough to serve TWO people with leftovers, for less money than the normal cost for one.  And that makes me very happy!

Ingredients already in my kitchen: chicken breast, avocado, salsa, spinach

Ingredients I bought: whole grain rice, black beans, onion, bell pepper, tortilla chips (just for fun!)

Burrito Bowl 6
This is one of my new favorite meals because it’s healthy, easy, and I can add avocado without being charged an extra $2.50…

Burrito Bowl 2

Burrito Bowl 3

Another DIY in the bag, no problemo.

What take-out meal do you want to start making at home?


  1. Oh, great meal! I do love easy and healthy dishes like that, thanks for sharing your tips and thoughts! Want I would like to start making at home might be.. mh! Tomato Salad! With love,

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