Things I’m Diggin’ Lately 2014/12/3

 20141203 Things I'm Diggin Lately

  1. Who doesn’t love a good cooking fight? Especially when it’s over Christmas cookies…. (
  2. Storage tips for a small kitchen.  Because there’s just never enough space, right? (
  3. If you haven’t tried a barre workout, you’re missing out.  Don’t worry, you can do these moves at home. (
  4. The struggle to peel an orange is real.  This technique will make your life MUCH easier. (
  5. Need a quick pick me up? Follow these adorable pets on instagram to brighten your day. (
  6. Buh-bye pumpkin, this month it’s all about peppermint.  Mallowmint cupcakes, yes please. (


  1. I love the idea about peeling oranges without really peeling them. Who knew??

  2. Yummy this looks good

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