Holiday Gifting for Health Enthusiasts


Holiday Shopping Picture

  1. A blender that can hold up like the professionals. ($200)
  2. The chicest bracelet for sporting a Fitbit. ($195)
  3. You can’t beat these lightweight wireless bluetooth earbuds when your workout needs some jams. ($40)
  4. This heavy duty cast iron skillet will be a kitchen favorite because of its versatility. ($33)
  5. A chef’s best friend – this high quality chef’s knife. ($30)
  6. Super cute workout leggings. ($69)
  7. Smart running gloves that keep you warm and connected. ($45)
  8. A slouchy knit beanine in a great color. ($30)
  9. A sling water bottle carrier that allows you to stay hydrated hands free. ($12)
  10. A year membership to the best workout mixes with unlimited streaming and access to every single mix. ($36)



  1. These gift ideas are fantastic, Carly! A good quality knife is such an essential if you are trying to be healthy. I remember not being bothered to chop up vegetables back in the day because my knife was so terrible lol.
    What are you hoping to get for the holidays?

  2. Thanks for sharing such a great collection of gift ideas! those leggings really are super cute, and if i was still living in nyc i would love to have that beanie!

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