Ho Ho HoT Toddy

Last week something glorious was made in my kitchen…

Cinnamon and Apple Infused Bourbon

Yup.  And I’ll tell you something, it doesn’t suck. In fact, even the weakest of bourbon drinkers (ahem….me) can sip on this drink like a pro.

Hot Toddy 3 I’m all about warm drinks when the weather is chilly.  As soon as I tried the bourbon, I knew I had to make it into my own version of a hot toddy. I decided to start with an apple cider base, but when I went to the grocery store I found something even better! Pumpkin apple cider! Done and done. After warming up the cider on the stove, I added about a tablespoon of maple syrup. Since the bourbon is already infused with spices, I didn’t add more, but if you’re using an unflavored bourbon, spice it up!  Cinnamon (obviously), nutmeg, and cloves are some of my favorites.  

Hot Toddy 4



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