Go-To Breakfast Sandwich


You know those mornings when oatmeal just won’t cut it, yogurt doesn’t sound appetizing, and don’t even mention dry cereal….?
Ditto.  I’ve got a couple of tricks up my sleeve for days just like these.  My go to foods in this situation are: killer pancakes, veggie scrambles, and this sandwich.  

Introducing a super simple sandwich that will impress the pants off your friends and errr breakfast houseguests….ta da!

Here we go folks.


Go To Breakfast Sandwich 3

Go To Breakfast Sandwich 1


  1. This looks yummy.

  2. Hmmm – maybe you should make some of those for us this sunday!!!

  3. Now I feel like eating… lol looks amazing and yummy!!!!


  4. Ooohh I’d want to use Tomato jam to keep it savory. …plus, I’d want to add cheese…. but don’t worry- I wouldn’t. :)


    • Heather,

      Haha trust me!! You won’t need the cheese. The sandwich is magical without it. Tomato jam? I’m interested. I’ll have to give it a try next time.


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