Why I Have a Major Crush on Greek Yogurt…and Think You Should Too!

Greek Yogurt Love

So it’s not that often that I have a crush, I would say I’m a pretty level headed kind of lady, but lately I’ve got an extra pep in my step and a smile on my face that just won’t quit.  And that can only mean one thing…I’ve got a full blown crush.

Greek Yogurt Love Letter

Now listen, I know that Greek yogurt has been all the rage since 2010 (or even earlier for all of you trend setters)…you may even have some in your fridge right this second, but do you know what it is about Greek yogurt that makes it so magical?  No??
Well, you’re in luck because that’s what I’m here for.

Greek Yogurt Q 1

Greek Yogurt Q 2

Greek Yogurt Q 3

Now that you have the info, let’s get to the fun part.  While this tasty treat is great on its own, it’s also awesome to cook with.

Here are some legit ways to use Greek yogurt!

greek yogurt foods

Mac & Cheese

Ranch Dip

Vanilla Souffle

What are your favorite ways to enjoy Greek yogurt?


  1. Carol Mason says:

    I love the soufflé recipe. I use Greek yogurt in smoothies, too.

  2. Greek yogurt is amazing! My family eats it 3 times a week with blueberries and granola.
    Dresses & Denim

  3. Greek yogurt is awesome. Thanks for sharing the different recipes

    Made in Mauve

  4. I use Greek yogurt in my ranch dip too. It IS magical!

  5. I had always wondered what the difference was between the two types of yogurt. I eat greek every morning with granola. Love it! I tend to prefer the Chobani brand though. Great post!



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