Kitchen Gadgets That Make Healthy Cooking Easy As Pie

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While it’s certainly not necessary to have tons of fancy equipment in order to eat healthy, these kitchen gadgets definitely make it a bit more fun! This list is a combination of my tried and true favorites mixed with my wish list front runners.  If you’re looking for ways to spice up your meal prep, take a look at these tools guaranteed to improve upon your time spent getting down and dirty in the kitchen.

Rub Away Bar  //  Steamer  //  Oil Mister  //  Meat Tenderizer  //  Spiralizer //  Hanging Vertical Garden Kit //  Chop Wizard  //  Juicer  //  Griddler

 What are your favorite kitchen gadgets?


  1. Kay Bueno says:

    Basically my blender, forever. But I’ve never even seen a rub away bar. So interesting.

    I want to do a small in home garden, but I am such a bad plant owner…

  2. I totally love your picks :) I need to get that hanging garden kit asap!

  3. The chop wizard is something I DEFINITELY need. Any food processor recommendations?

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