Keeping It Tight On The Road

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I’m one of those people that ALWAYS brings workout clothes/shoes/accessories along with me on trips.  My suitcase may be busting at the seams, but I’m not leaving home without gear to properly break a sweat.  Why? I travel quite a bit.  Not in the magical “travel the world” kind of way, but in the “my job sends me on the road to work with clients” sort of way.  I love to travel, so I can’t complain, but I’ve learned that I’m MUCH happier when I can stick to my normal routine as much as possible.

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Here’s one of my favorite workouts that burns some major calories.

On the Road Workout
(no equipment needed)

required time: ~ 60 minutes

jog 1 mile*
50 walking lunges (25 per leg)
50 pushups
50 jump squats
50 tricep dips

run 1 mile* (faster pace than mile 1)
40 walking lunges (20 per leg)
40 pushups
40 jump squats
40 tricep dips

run 1 mile* (as fast as you can go)
30 walking lunges (15 per leg)
30 pushups
30 jump squats
30 tricep dips

Core Bonus:
1 minute spiderman plank
30 second side plank
30 second side plank (other side)
1 minute plank

*note, if 1 mile seems daunting, do 1/2 mile instead

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Happy sweating!


  1. Sheryl Burek says:

    That’s an ambitious workout! You go, girl!

  2. Ivy Nelson says:

    Impressive! I love your dedication, It’s admirable. My mom and I are going TO start running together, and I’ve convinced her to start working out with me. I can only hope we’ll work up to this before i leave for college! (And maybe I’ll keep off that freshman 15!)

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