Carrot (Cup) Cakes

Cupcake 1

Today is “Fun Food” Friday and I’m pretty pumped about this one.  Carrot cake, check. Cupcakes, check. Add in some tasty pineapple and pecans, check CHECK CHECK!  I stuck pretty closely to this recipe, making only a few changes: coconut sugar instead of white sugar (because that’s all I had on hand), extra pineapple for the frosting.  After a quick taste test / scarf session I decided they were legit.

But it would probably be smart to double taste test before I make any big claims…


Cupcake 3


  1. Paul Burek says:

    this cupcake was great. Perfect compliant to my juice I made in my Breville juicer this morning. the coconut sugar in the icing was perfect.

  2. These look yuuuummmy!!

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